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Smart Start earns Green Team Award

Smart Start Preschool Has gone green ! Our students have earned a green award from the Dept. Of Environmental Protection for their outstanding efforts . As  a member of the Green Team, our students recycle all plastics, cans and juice boxes and paper to help protect our environment. Smart Start also composts "green" foods into our compost bin collected from leftover lunches. The compost is added to our vegetable and flower gardens each spring to produce vegetables that we enjoy all summer. We are very proud of their efforts and continue to educate our children and families of the importance of saving our earth for future generations. 

“We really like the fact that every part of our Bring Three, Shred for Free event was local, “explained Robin Jensen. “The canned goods were donated to St. John, the Evangelist Church’s pantry, located at 833 Main Street.  Residents of Agawam were able to shred their personal documents with peace of mind, and the recycled paper stays in Western MA, supporting local jobs and helping to protect the environment.  As it says on the Town website, “Agawam is a close-knit community where neighbors look out for one another’” says Jensen. “At Smart Start we are happy to be a part of that tradition and we feel it’s our responsibility to give back everything we can.”

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